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We will make an offer in 24 hours close on your home in 9 business days. Guaranteed!

Save time, Save Money and Save YOUR CREDIT!

Did you know that on average a seller that works with a real estate agent receives roughly 87% of the selling price? It’s true! What if your agent came to you and asked you to reduce your price? Guess what? They still get a commission! Who is REALLY loosing? You are. I don’t charge commissions and in most cases no closing costs. If you’re behind on your payments I can usually step in and make them current in order to save your credit. You NEVER want to let you home go to foreclosure, it is the one thing in your credit life that is the hardest to recover from. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN.

NO HEADACHES OR DIFFICULTIES. I’m an investor which means I have the ability to move much quicker, you don’t have to deal with banks, or picky buyers…simply put, I want to buy your home! But you’re in charge and you make the final decision. I’ll provide you with a NO RISK and NO Obligation offer on your home in 24 hours. If you don’t like what I have to offer then…no problem, I’ll simply get out of your hair…it’s that easy!

It’s easy to request an offer!

All you have to do is complete a short questionnaire about your home. Once I receive this information I’ll contact you within 48 hours, I’ll make every effort to answer all of your questions about buying your home, if you like what you hear I’ll complete the arrangements and go to closing as soon as possible. Is THAT EASY!