Putting up a home for sale can be an emotional experience. While the pressing need might manifest itself at some point, there’s no denying that all the memories you’ve had while living there can cause you to reflect on what has been, and what will be.


However, as you take charge over things and think rationally about the sale, there are several setbacks that could prevent you from selling fast. The longer your property sits on the market, the lesser its value will be. By then, you will have fewer chances of redeeming a good portion of the investment. So ask yourself, “Where did I go wrong?”


It’s best to take a look at these common mistakes so that you will also avoid committing them.


If you are not willing to allow viewings and only rely on your convenience, you could turn away a lot of potential buyers. Make sure that before they move on to the next prospect, at least they can see what you have to offer.


These days, buyers would appreciate well taken and detailed photos of the properties that are up for sale. Given the access to good quality cameras and editing software, there is no excuse not to provide this basic need. Even a video is an added bonus especially for people who are starting their search online. Of course, before you take records of the visuals, make sure that it is camera ready.

It could also be that your pricing isn’t done right. To come up with a definite range for the price, you need to consider the neighborhood, the competition and the market. This way, you are not being merely treated as another listing.


Working with an agent who doesn’t mesh well with your needs and preferences can also be a hindrance. This is the reason why you need to make a thorough research beforehand.


The guideline is very helpful for those who want to gamble on investment properties for profit. However, if you want a quick sale despite several setbacks in payments or home management, experts from We Buy Homes Utah can help you with that – even if you sell the property in any condition, location or price range.


All you need to is request an offer and we’ll get it to you straight away.